Repair Financing

Mobile Automotive Repair Service
January 9, 2012
Nationwide Vehicle Transport
March 12, 2012

 With the current economics of today, we understand how hard it can be making ends meet. When you have a serious vehicle problem CK Automotive Support has the answer. Our vehicle repair financing is a unique way to keep you on the road and without braking the bank. Our Repair Financing offers you a an alternative option, when those major problems arise. We have 2 ways of Financing your vehicle repairs.

In House Financing

This plan offers by monthly payments with low interest rates. Once CK Automotive Support technical staff diagnosis the vehicle, depending on the evaluation of the repairs needed. The company will  determine a price of repairs including Parts and Labor with Warranties. The Financing contract contains  the amount paid in advance and the amount to be financed.

The terms of the agreement  are as follows:

  • 1.  20% – 50%  deposit of the total repair amount.
  • 2. Checking Account – Post dated checks (Cashed Bi Monthly) or Verification of ownership.


 Standard Financing:

  • 1.  20% of the total amount of the repair cost.
  • 2.  Verification of Ownership
  • 3.  Authorization of G.P.S installed in vehicle until complete payment of contract.


To find out more about our financing programs give us a call and let us get you back on the road.