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Ask the Mechanic”, are some of the questions you may have concerning your vehicle repair.

With so many problems of today, CK Automotive Support would like to help clarify some of the questions you or someone you may know. Ask the Mechanic we hope, will keep you from being taken for a ride.



With so many problems of today, CK Automotive Support would like to help clarify some of the questions you or someone you may know. Ask the Mechanic we hope, will keep you from being taken for a ride.

Unless you’re a mechanic or have a mechanic on stand by,  you probably have questions. From Repairs, Labor, Parts or even the jargon, you want simple answers instead of mechanic speak. This page will try to answer some of the questions  you may have, from readers like yourself. CK Automotive Support is dedicated to giving you straight answers without the confusion. Check out our Q&A,  if you have questions or comments of your own send us an email so we may better serve you.

The following questions are from actual people who want to know what, why when where concerning their vehicles.

1. Q: My 2003 Toyota Rav 4 keeps a check engine light P1155 is the code. I changed the 02 sensor like it said but still stays on. Now another code has popped up P1758 what can this be?

    A: Before you start chasing codes on the vehicle, have a mechanic check the E.C.M for malfunction. Toyota has had a lot of recalls, however they have a lot of Bulletins. These mailings go out to the person (s) who originally bought the vehicle.

2. Q:  My 2008 Chevy Camaro, top radiator hose leaked and it made the vehicle overheat. I replaced the hose, but the engine still keeps overheating. Then I replaced the Thermostat, Hoses, Fans and Radiator what else is there?

     A:  Unfortunately heat does many bad things to engines, check your oil. If the oil looks Milky or off colored, your looking at the Head Gasket more than likely will be the culprit.

3. Q:  My 2010 Hyundai Santa Fe keeps cutting off for no reason, I’ll be driving 30-40 mph then it just stops. By the time the Tow Service gets there, it starts right up. My mechanic said I need a new engine, but it cost so much $3,700. Should I just sell the car or get it fixed?

    A: 1.  No and Yes, The most likely problem is the CAM and or Crank Shaft Sensor. These sensors assist in regulating fuel  flow, they often malfunction and the vehicle stops for no reason 20 or 30 minutes later she starts.

4. Q:  I have a 2009 Toyota Camry, I have  130k miles  I thought I felt my Transmission slip, so I decided to have it flushed and serviced. 3 Day later I started then shifted into gear, but nothing happened. My mechanic said it’s not his fault, is that the truth?

  A:  Only if he pre warned you, this could happen. All of the gukk and mukk inside your transmission, may be holding it together. By flushing instead of a Drain and Fill this can happen. This is widely known amongst transmission mechanics, or at least it should be.

5. Q: I have a 1998 Honda Accord, I overheated and blew my head gasket.  My mechanic is charging me $1,600 to rebuild the engine, I paid $1,200 so far but he says he’s waiting for a part for the last 10 weeks. How long is to long?

A: The average time for the average engine replacement or repair is usually 4-7 days. One – two days to either break down or remove the engine. One  – Two days in the machine shop for head resurfacing. One  -Two days installing or putting everything back together. This may vary due to weekends, weather, season etc… However 2 1/2  months  is completely unacceptable, this often means no one is actually working on you car, truck SUV.

6. Q: I finally bought my dream car a 2003 Land Rover Discovery, now I’m discovering this is not an inexpensive vehicle. Everything is so ridiculously high, my windshield cost me $800 dollars then my transmission is starting to slip. The dealer quoted $6,000 for the repair, can I use cheaper parts from a junkyard or something?

  A: Unfortunately this would not be the best idea, windshield/window, mirrors,  bumper yes. When it comes to the engine and it’s working part some foreign vehicles can be tricky. Rolls Royce, Audi, Saab, Range Land Rover, Porsche etc.. Very few shops have the technological capacity to repair these vehicles, combined with junk yard parts this may be a recipe for financial hardship.

7. Q: I have an old 1984 sr5 siting in my yard, I want to sell it but no one wants to pay more than $300.00 I know it’s worth more than that, even the junk man said $400.00. I’d like to sell for $1,000.00 any suggestions to get it sold?

  A: If you can’t find a buyer you can always turn it into the State for recycling. Some States California being one you can surrender the vehicle for $1,500.00 as long as the vehicle can move a minimum of 10 feet on it’s own power.

8. Q: My 2001 Pontiac Grand AM had an engine leak then the engine seized, the odometer said 195k miles. My mechanic said I have to buy a new engine, but it would be much more economically safe for me to rebuild it and make it new. True or False?

A: Yes it would be less expensive to rebuild. Or would it? There’s are plethora of problems you may incur trying to rebuild the original engine, the problem lies in how bad did the engine overheat? Are the aluminum heads warped or cracked?  With that many miles it may be more economically beneficial to, out with the old and in with the new.

9. Q: Lately my 200 Hyundai has been  making Sputter noise, what should I do?

A:  Sounds like a tune up may be in order, When the exhaust is cold run your finger inside bottom. If it comes out black soot definitely . You currently or soon should see a check engine light.

10. Q: I had a Mobile Mechanic come to my home for a brake job and a tune up, he botched both jobs. How do I know CK Automotive is better than others out there?

  A: Currently there are a lot of “Mechanics” who have a truck, tools and some knowledge of cars, trucks and or SUVs. Some are good some not so great, with                     CK Automotive Support you get the best because we are the best. Our professional, knowledgeable, courteous staff are all had picked to ensure you get the best service. We are more than a Mobile Repair service we are your Automotive Concierge. We Work, For You! You are our, Most Important Customer!


          CK Automotive Support, keeping you in the know.