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CK Automotive Concierge & Logistics Incorporated (CK/CL) has been serving the city of Los Angeles and the surrounding Counties for the past 12 years. We have always taken pride in being the best Automotive Concierge & Logistics Service in the state of California. Our motto of Honesty, Honor, Integrity, Commitment and Accountability has become a benchmark for other repair services-- and now we are bringing our brand of service nationwide.

When you want to buy or sell your Car, Truck, SUV, Bus, Passenger Van or Semi Truck, why settle for deciding based on a couple of pictures, when you can see everything by video instead? Looking for serious buyers or sellers? We make it more efficient and less frustrating, taking the risk out of look-loss or someone selling a lemon. You know your vehicle and how much time and care you've put into it, from rims to radios and everything in between. We give you, the seller, the opportunity to make your own commercial reaching millions instead of just the local area. Why not highlight your baby with a video?

CK gets calls everyday asking us to perform Pre Purchase Diagnostics from other states. Problem: you see the Jeep Grand Cherokee you really want, but it's 3000 miles away because you live in North Texas. Is it a good buy or a lemon? Pictures aren't going to tell you much, and you could take the seller's word it's the greatest ever. But by buying or selling with CK Automotive Concierge & Logistics Inc., you get the optimal experience of seeing the vehicle from the comfort of your computer, phone or tablet. We instruct our video sellers to video outside, inside, engine & truck. Hearing the engine run, seeing if there is actually a check engine light can save a lot of time and money over guesswork and a couple of photos.



I want to sell my car, why should I use CK/CL instead of Craigslist or another Social Media outlet?

By using CK Automotive you get nationwide viewers from a trusted company. With CK Automotive Concierge & Logistics Inc we take the stress off of you the seller.

When you sign up with CK you get access to a Demo video, this will give you the tools you need to make your own vehicle commercial.  You can express on video about the features you know, are selling points. With one video you can explain everything the serious buyer needs to know.

I want to buy the car but how can ensure once I pay, I get what I paid for?

CK is and will always be an Automotive Concierge Service, meaning we take care of you the customer. We are a Bonded Corporation, so in the event you may not fully trust the seller. CK can act as an intermediary between buyer and seller.

If I live far away, how do I see a vehicle through a private party?

Contact Mobile Mechanics or stationary repair facilities in your City, State County or Parish for Pre Purchase Diagnostics.

How do I get a vehicle to my home from long distance?

Have the vehicle Transported Nationwide!